Pretty Little Liars: True Crime

Spencer’s Strange Character Development In Episode 5 Of Pretty Little Liars | Ep 05

May 27, 2024

This week we are recapping and analyzing episode 5 “Reality Bites”. Lindsey and Tammin share their thoughts on affairs and what they would do if they were put in the position of deciding to stay with someone who cheats. They also theorize why they think Spencer makes such messy decisions as a type A character, and the overall lack of character development in season one. Lindsey and Tammin gush over their love of Ella Montgomery, aka Aria’s mom, and the ~drama~ in this episode. 

What’s the number one question our true crime expert Joseph is always asked? What do Lindsey and Tammin think of the character development in season one? And why did Tammin carry Xanax in her bra while filming Pretty Little Liars???

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