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Friday Flashback - Stevie Wonder

Feb. 6, 2009

Stevie Wonder - Pastime Paradise I've been having Stevie Wonder flashbacks since I produced a Powerpoint slide show for my Aunt Mary's birthday a few weeks ago. (I used Isn't She Lovely with silly pictures of old ladies, and it was a hit.) So, keep it hush, since I don't want to be hunted down by the mean old RIAA or anything. Anyway... Back to Stevie. Songs In The Key Of Life (1976) is part of the holy trinity of magical Wonder albums, along with Innervisions and Talking Book, and I like to revisit it from time to time. Since it raked in Grammy Awards for Album Of The Year, and both Best Male Pop Vocal and Best Male R & B Vocal, it's a worthy flashback as we approach Grammy Sunday this weekend. I chose Pastime Paradise, since so many people remember the Coolio song, Gangsta's Paradise (also a Grammy winner,) but don't necessarily know just how much borrowing he did from Stevie's original. Most call it "sampling," but I'd call it a cover song. Coolio changed some lyrics and added that memorable bass line, giving the song more urgency, but it's still a cover. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.