MechMuse Audio Anthology

Spring '06 - The River is Forever

Aug. 10, 2006

-- Subtitle -- Pain passes, but this river is forever. -- Description -- The River is Forever is a thirteen minute audio story by Edmund R. Schubert. -- Excerpt -- It’s the inevitable question people ask when someone commits suicide. They wring their hands and look to heaven, saying, “Why? Dear God, why?” Of course, now that I’m fifty-six, I realize people’s reasons for committing suicide sound terribly trite -- except of course to the individual killing himself. That doesn’t stop people from asking the question. It will, however, stop me from boring you with my own reasons. -- Author's Comments -- "The River Is Forever was one of those gifts where the whole story came in a flash of clarity and inspiration. I had been reading one of William Kennedy’s books – Ironweed, maybe, or one of the other books from that series – and the main character was walking along a riverbank when his hat blew off. Kennedy wrote about 'river spirits' playing with the hat, making it dance and jump so that the man couldn’t catch it. He was, of course, writing metaphorically. "I saw other possibilities." (Edmund R. Schubert) -- Credits -- Written by Edmund R. Schubert Performed by Rob Moffat Art by Angel Moon Music by James Guymon Produced by MechMuse Audio Anthology at -- 8:636C67:V:S:0:0 -- neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.