MechMuse Audio Anthology

Spring '06 - Primary Colors

Aug. 10, 2006

-- Subtitle -- He was losing his soul through his eyes. -- Description -- Primary Colors is a sixty minute audio story by Richard Raleigh. -- Excerpt -- Subtly, shade by shade, his green eyes were turning blue, and his soul was evaporating, shimmering like a mirage just out of his field of vision, dancing with the ripples of heat above the sand. Like the stark white clouds along the very fringes of the southern horizon, his soul was drifting away. He stared northward, through the heat and into the center of the desert, his lips touched by the faint smile of a trance, his mind by the blankness of desert hypnosis. With a startling new clarity in his vision, he could see beyond the dunes, beyond the far shore, beyond the emptiness of space. -- Author's Comments -- "Around the time of the first Gulf War, I was researching synesthesia and the neurological effects of light. It turns out that many people who have synesthesia, a crosswiring of the senses, not only experience surprising things -- like being able to taste a sound -- but see particular letters of the alphabet (or particular numbers) each in a unique color and texture. I was also studying Classical Chinese and qigong at the time. The ingredients came together with the idea of a sentient planet, of the Earth’s magnetosphere as large-scale qi, and the story sort of wrote itself.." (Richard Raleigh) -- Credits -- Written by Richard Raleigh Performed by Bob Barnes Art by Omaha Perez Music by James Guymon Produced by MechMuse Audio Anthology at -- 4:DF8B1B:V:S:0:4 -- neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.