MechMuse Audio Anthology

Fall '06 - Rough Draft

Aug. 21, 2006

-- Subtitle -- Even greatness can be seduced by the quiet ease of obscurity. -- Description -- Rough Draft is a forty minute audio story by New York Times Best Seller Kevin J. Anderson. -- Excerpt -- Dear Mr. Coren, As a longtime fan of yours, I thought you’d appreciate seeing this novel I came across in a parallel universe. I’m a timeline hunter by profession. Perhaps you’ve heard of Alternitech? Our company uses a proprietary technology to open gateways into alternate realities. My colleagues and I explore these parallel universes for breakthroughs or useful discrepancies that Alternitech can profitably exploit: medical and scientific advances, historical discoveries, artistic variations. My specialty is the creative arts. I stumbled upon this book in an alternate timeline while searching for a new Mario Puzo... I’m hoping Alternitech will want to arrange for its publication, but naturally I felt you should see it first. With deepest respect, Jeremy Cardiff -- About the Story -- Rough Draft was was considered for the Nebula award in 2005. -- Credits -- Written by Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moesta Performed by Rick Jelinek Art by Thomas Meldgaard Nielsen Music by Glenn Adams Produced by MechMuse Audio Anthology at -- 3:737A51:V:S:0:3 -- neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.