MechMuse Audio Anthology

Fall '06 - Identity Crisis

Aug. 21, 2006

-- Subtitle -- When the mind can wander, what is the body but a common accessory? -- Description -- Identity Crisis is a two hour audio story by New York Times Best Seller Kevin J. Anderson. -- Excerpt -- In a single week, he's already spent four days in someone else's body, a limited-term hopscotch, enduring a miserable round of the flu just so some businessman wouldn't miss his meetings. Unglamorous, maybe, but it was a way to make a living... If the man who actually owned this body had kept himself healthier in general, he might not have been so susceptible to getting sick in the first place. But the man was a busy executive, with more credits in his account than he could spend. And such an important person couldn't afford to be laid up for an illness. -- Author's Comments -- "This novella is set in a strange future world where entity transference, swapping bodies, is a way of life. The concept is far too big for a single story, though, and I have developed it into my new novel, HOPSCOTCH, of which "Identity Crisis" is a small part." (Kevin J. Anderson) -- Credits -- Written by Kevin J. Anderson Performed by Bob Barnes Art by Katie Caromba Music by Glenn Adams Produced by MechMuse Audio Anthology at -- 2:708D9B:H:S:0:2 -- neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.