The Uncanny X-Cast

The Uncanny X-Cast: Episode 30

Nov. 12, 2007

The Miasma of Man-Thing

Welcome to the big Episode 30!!

Tonight we ramble for 40 minutes about more non-X-related things than any of us are comfortable with.

We follow that up with an On Shelves Now including Wolverine Origins 18, X-Men 203, Uncanny 491, and X-Factor 24.

This episode gets jam packed with a Top 5 (favorite DC characters) and Inside the Mansion (Dark Beast... woops!)

Somewhere around the hour and a half mark we hit Retro Reviews running 143 through 147.

And we finish things up with January's Solicitations.

Hope you enjoy the all new, non-positive, Man-Thing filled, Brian side-kick loving, Rob Ellis hating episode of the Uncanny X-Cast.

And yes, the rap is back. (My heartfelt apologies to Worthington a.k.a. Aaron for me forgetting to edit it in last time. It's the best part of the show, and should and always will end the show from here on.) neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.