Old News documentary

Pathfinder and the Obstructionists

Feb. 1, 2016

Within a narrow shelter between two huge boulders of a caprock high above the Purgatory River in southeastern Colorado is a Native American equinox site known as The Pathfinder. From a natural chimney above extends a midday sun dagger much longer than America's most famous archaeoastronomical event authored by the Anasazi atop Fajada Butte in Chaco Canyon. Besides the dramatic Colorado dawn alignment and shadow play on a leaf petroglyph (which may, indeed, more accurately depict a vulva), there is an equinox sun ray that pierces a set of petroglyphs. Its inspiration seems to be from the Navajo legend of a slumbering Changing Woman impregnated with twins by a blazing sun beam. In addition, this video traces the discovery of suspected Celtic Ogham rock writing in Colorado and Oklahoma in the late 1970s along with mainstream archaeology's determination to dismiss evidence with biased institutional collusion.

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