Aural Tanget


June 17, 2008

After possibly a year or so, it's....AURAL TANGENT. the garbage podcast that only uploads when we remember the podcast exists! (maybe if we got more fan-mail, we'd upload more often, i don't know...) Well, this episode is hosted as always by the wonderful BRITISHMYVOICE, with her super-fantastic, insanely talented british co-host, XYIONAN. We even have BMV's friend KRADASHI joining around around half-way through! this time around, the gang brings you: + This is unmei + ways to mispronounce anything by SKAIJO + annoying music + BMV singing the pokemon theme song + dead air + XYIONAN outwitting BRITISHMYVOICE + XYIONAN insulting BRITISHMYVOICE + JAFAX excitement + wig frenzy + Miko Miko Nurse, Lucky Star, Hare Hare Yukai, and Caramelldansen + and oooooooooh so much more. JOIN OR DIE. = much love from, _BRITISHMYVOICE neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.