Out of the Shadows


Sept. 3, 2012

Welcome back to another Universal Rhythm Session. This week we feature an NYC favorite, Chriss Vargas. He has been destroying the main dance floor for the past few years at one of NYC's top night clubs, Pacha. This driven talent started his career about a decade ago in the underground EDM scene at various Queens NY night clubs and lounges. During this period he built a huge fan base that ultimately caught the attention of some of NYC's top promoters. This led him to headlining events during the Winter Music Conference in Miami at top clubs like Space, Nocturnal and Karu & Y. He has since played at major venues throughout the northeastern US in places like Cielo NY, Neptunes, Glo LI, Tavern LI, Rise BOSTON, Grand CONN, Arena (Asseteria) NY, Dream LI, Water Taxi Beach NY, Santos NY and many more. But just playing music isn't where he stops, he began to produce his own original tracks to add to his dark tribal tech driven sets. With original releases on Nervous Records, Stereo Productions, Coraza Recordings, KULT Records and more he continues to work hard in the studio always keeping his sets fresh and full of groove. He has collaborated with such artist like Cristian Arango, Jean Pierre, Deka, DJ Boris, Dave Rosario, Abel Ramos and the list continues to grow. The first time I heard Vargas rock was at NY's Water Taxi Beach opening the venue up for the Iberican duo Chus & Ceballo's. Needless to say he caught my ears attention and since then I became a fan and follower. So I hope you enjoy this exclusive Universal Rhythm Session from the very talented Chriss Vargas. Enjoy!

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For more on Chriss Vargas make sure to check out his Facebook page at www.facebook.com/chriss.vargas or check out his website at www.chrissvargas.com or via Twitter @chrissvargas

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