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The Superhero Parables: Batman and Robin [Dan Smith]

May 10, 2015

Parable = a story with a spiritual point.

Jesus constantly used parables and familiar images to teach others – in plain English – about having a relationship with God. We try to do that at Mo, too. For example, every couple of years we break out some comic books and use their stories as parables to teach about “loving God” and “loving people.”

What are the origin stories of these heroes?

How did they acquire their powers?

What is their duty to mankind now that they have these powers?

Most importantly, what can we learn about God and the Bible from these fun stories?

Inside of these parables are deep spiritual truths and lessons that will challenge us as we seek a deeper relationship with God.

And for the real geeks – yes, we’ve given equal time to both Marvel and DC.

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