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MORE: Lord [Dan Smith]

Jan. 8, 2017

Three of the most important and profound questions that human beings ask are: Who am I created to be? What am I created to do? Where am I to be best positioned to do it?

A fourth critical question may be, “Lord, why have I committed to being a lifelong Browns fan?” But we’ll revisit that question in September.

“More” is about finding your “calling” or “callings.” The integrated answers to these three key questions – the BE, DO, GO of a person’s life – represent the core dimensions of your personal, God-given calling.

NOTE: “More” is based on a recent book (by the same title) written by a godly leader, and friend of Momentum, named Todd Wilson. You definitely won’t need the book to understand or follow our sermon series, but it is an excellent resource for discovering your God-given calling(s).

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