KALLISTI ("Most Beautiful")


Jan. 1, 1970

This video is a preview lasting 2:46 Minutes. TO SEE THIS SHOW IN ITS ENTIRETY, PLEASE VISIT http://www.celebrategreece.com/products/7-hippocrates-in-olympia A newly released documentary, narrated by Academy Award Winner Sir PETER USTINOV. Emphasis is on the importance of the three origins of the Ancient Olympics: Religion, Health and Athletics. Classic documentary style draws the audience in with a mystical atmosphere created by its visual richness, original music, and the narration of Sir Peter Ustinov all interwoven into a presentation of ancient art from many archaeological museums creating the ideal viewing experience. Hippocrates, who was the father of medicine, first closely linked religion to the new medical science in ancient Greece and his famous Hippocratic Oath is still sworn to by all medical graduates. From the running tracks of the ancient Olympic Games in Olympia, HIPPOCRATES IN OLYMPIA investigates a closely related subject: medical care during the ancient Olympic Games to insure the health of the revered athletes who entertained dignitaries, artists and philosophers at the ultimate sports festival.

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