The Carl Winslow Show

New Episode Up, and Best of '07 Tomorrow

Dec. 19, 2007

Unfortunetly we haven't haven't been able to maintain consistency with posting the episodes, but quell your worries, The Carl Winslow Show is still on the air. We'll make it our New Year's resolution to archive the missing shows, and get new ones up in a timely manner. I've provided a link to #39, which wasn't here for a while.

I would also like to inform everybody that tomorrow, the 20th, will be the last Carl Winslow Show of 2007. To celebrate this we will be revealing our top records of the year, providing a track from each during an extended morning & B lunch combo. We've done this in the past, though I feel it will be a tad more structured, and we will actually discuss the music we're playing (similar to our KCOU broadcast, which still hasnt turned up). Speaking of, KCOU has opened another date for a Hickman Academy of Rock takeover. We will have more on that in the future.

Return here tomorrow for a recap of our list, including links to tracks and videos.


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