Dashing MD

Episode 26: Sometimes it's all in your head.

June 12, 2008

Well folks, I'm back again. And reading from the mailbag, where Amanda writes in with some great questions about naturopathy.

Also, in the podcast, I mistakenly refer to graduates of Osteopathy schools as ODs. This is what's known, in this political season, as a gaffe. They are actually DOs. Apologies.

Here are some associated links, if you want more:

Here's a Wikipedia article on Naturopaths...it's interesting for some basic information on naturopathy, and it's also a fascinating exploration of how Wiki articles are made and debated about, if you look at its associated discussion page.

And an article on placebos.

The good folks at South Park have addressed this issue, too.

This week's case (an exercise that I'll make a regular feature if you guys like it):

An 88 year-old woman with a history of advanced breast cancer 30 years ago, and a bad history of high blood pressure and osteoarthritis complains about her right hand, which is turning white. Her primary care doctor can't find a pulse, but he sends her to a vascular surgeon who can find a signal of a pulse using a doppler. He tells her to come back in a month. What do you tell her?

Enjoy! And keep in touch!

D, M.D.

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