The Meditation Podcast


Jan. 30, 2021

As we process our experiences from the past year, it may be useful to notice the relationship between our bodies and our stress. We know that emotional stress -- including anxiety, grief, anger, and fear -- can create stress in our bodies. But we may forget that the stress in our bodies can amplify our emotional stress as well. This creates a feedback loop, where our nervous system continues to create a stress response even long after a 'threat' is gone. This can create a backlog, where we are too busy to respond 'presently' because we are re-enacting and reacting to events of the past. In today's meditation, we use simple grounding techniques to relax our bodies and to discharge our nervous system's stress response. This podcast is made possible by our subscribers on Patreon. Join our community at neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.