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Shot Through the Ventricles... Melting Point does Breakup/Anti-Love Songs

Sept. 28, 2012

9:07 PMDimmu BorgirThe Serpentine OfferingIn Sorte Diabolirotation 9:10 PMSmashing PumpkinsLoveMellon Colly and the Infinite Sadnessrequest 9:11 PMThe FacelessAll Dark GravesAkeldamarotation 9:16 PMQueensrycheI Don't Believe in LoveOperation: Mindcrimerotation 9:20 PMAbigorLiberty Rises a Diagonal FlameFractal Possessionsrotation request 9:24 PMIron MaidenThe Thin Line Between Love and HateBrave New Worldrequest 9:33 PMInto EternitySpiraling into DepressionBuried in Oblivionrequest 9:36 PMBon JoviShot Through the Heart
request 9:39 PMBrain DrillSadistic AbductiveApocalyptic Feastingrequest 9:45 PMEdguyTrinidadRocket Ride
9:47 PMHypocrisyA Thousand LiesVirus
9:52 PMLamb of GodBeating on Death's DoorSacramentrequest 10:03 PMAvantasiaWhat Kind of LoveThe Scarecrowrequest 10:09 PMSymphony of the DeceivedThe Project Hate MCMXCIXArmageddon March Eternal: Symphonies of Slit Wristsrequest 10:14 PMThe FacelessColdly Calculated DesignPlanetary Dualitynew rotation request 10:17 PMDiablo Swing OrchestraWedding March For a BulletThe Butcher's Ballroomrequest 10:21 PMSikThAs the Earth Spins RoundDeath of a Dead Dayrequest 10:26 PMAnthem (For the Children)DionysusSign of Truthrequest

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