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Faeries, Angels, Ghosts and Aliens

Feb. 6, 2010

In this 13-minute podcast, Fiona Broome discusses the differences and similarities among four groups of entities:  faeries, angels, ghosts and aliens.

For the purpose of this discussion, Fiona assumes that all of these groups are real, and descriptions in legends and folklore are accurate.

Faeries - Can be big or small, winged or not.  They like things tidy, or they'll hide things from people.  Some of them seem to think it's funny to tease or torment pets.  Except for leprechauns, there's little evidence that faeries actually work.

Angels - Can be big or small, winged or not.  They seem to have tasks, but -- like faeries -- people rarely see angels doing manual labor.

Ghosts - Are usually the same size as people, and act like people, including work.  They're never reported with wings.  They don't seem to care if a home is tidy, but they prefer the house as it was when they lived or visited it.  Animals can seem fearful around ghosts, but ghosts aren't likely to torment them.

Aliens - Appear in all sizes, but if they have wings, they're not described as faerie wings or angel wings.  Animals seem frightened of them.  Aliens don't seem to linger at a location as faeries and ghosts can.

There seems to be considerable overlap in some characteristics, and broad differences in others.  However, when people describe an encounter with an entity that's the size of a human but seems from another time or realm -- even if they want to insist that it's a ghost -- they could be describing a faerie, an angel, a ghost or even an alien.  More information is necessary.

With this kind of insight, it's possible to look at popular TV shows differently, and consider that some "ghost encounters" are actually faerie experiences.

This also explains why reports of aliens (Bigfoot, etc.) are in the same areas where faeries were reported during eras when faeries were more credible than aliens.

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Music: The Moods of Man, written & orchestrated by James Underberg


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