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Attracting Faeries

May 14, 2010

Have you tried to contact faeries, and were you disappointed?  In this podcast, faerie researcher Fiona Broome answers readers' questions. 

She explains what works -- and what doesn't -- when you'd like to make contact with the faerie world.

From the basic steps of observation, to the extremes of highly dangerous faeries, Fiona describes what to do and what to watch for.

She also reminds people what faeries like and don't like, and why you must be very careful when you first encounter a faerie of any size or form.

Additional topics in this podcast include:

  • Where to look for faeries.
  • What kinds of faeries you can contact, and whether Asian people can meet Native American faeries, etc.
  • Dangerous and "bad" faeries.
  • Tidy rooms to attract faeries.
  • How and why to avoid iron when you're on a faerie vigil.

For more information, see Faerie Magick, the website.

Music: The Moods of Man, written & orchestrated by James Underberg

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