Swashbuckler Epiphany

01 - The Suffering Cool

Oct. 23, 2006

In this episode, The Grudge, David Lynch, pleasure/pain, and word substitution. To understand this game swap one or more words in English: hair/time, love/lunch, hand/brain, pen/gun, good/old, etc. Also Conan Doyle, "The Portable Beat Reader", plus tunes by Clark and Bruce. More details on the web site: http://swashbuckler.ideasdigital.com Episode 01 - "The Suffering Cool" by Lone Penman Theory Music "FFF" and "Jesus Saves" by Anonymous Bosch "Kerouac Freakout" and "Dragon" by Brent Jackson contact SE us (206) 350 2591 uk (0700) 580 2483

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