Brierly Hill 90210

Brierly Hill 90210 presents... 1977 *UPDATE2*

March 29, 2020

This series rediscovers a period of music and the news, TV and other sounds that formed a back-drop to it. Each new episode will continue the chronological series, building onto a story that is both personal and global. But why start with 1977? Two reasons really... First of all, I turned 11 in 1977, left Northleach CofE Primary School and started Westwoods Grammar School in September of that year. I made friends there that I discovered and created music with. Secondly, 1976 ended with an event that may seem insignificant and irrelevant. London families were settling down for their tea in-front of early-evening regional television when something unimaginable happened... neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.