Brierly Hill 90210

Brierly Hill 90210 presents... 1995 *UPDATED*

Aug. 30, 2020

It was an eventful year with a lot of traveling which is mirrored in an extended and varied soundtrack. There's a lot of music packed into this episode. You'll hear a beginning in the UK followed by a 3-month sojourn to Chicago. It was a great place to discover the real America and I spent a lot of time listening to Q101 while driving around the Chicagoland suburbs. My 3-month work permit meant I had to return to the UK for the summer. That meant more music and the final recording of Hostile Implant. That was sad to say goodbye to as a more permanent move kicked-off in the fall. My new office was in New Jersey on the east coast but my first assignment was on the west coast just north of LA in California. Starting to get some idea of scale, the east coast of the US is closer to the UK than it is to the west coast! But the year starts in cold and wet Dudley in the West Midlands... neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.