Tá Falado: Brazilian Portuguese Pronunciation for Speakers of Spanish

Lesson 1: Pronunciation of /i/, Getting the Check at a Restaurant

Nov. 12, 2006

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There's only one Lesson #1. We'll never have a first again. Today we introduce listeners to the team: Orlando, Valdo, Michelle, and José Luis. Pronunciation wise, we'll look at when Brazilians say words with the sound [i] and culturally Michelle and Valdo talk about what it was like to get the bill in restaurants in the United States. Tune in, join our discussion, download the lesson notes, and become part of Brazilpod.


Valdo: Que bife gostoso. Acho que vou pedir mais.
Michelle: Mas ele já trouxe a conta. E agora?
Valdo: Eh, você me disse que aqui era assim. Acho isso uma falta de educação.
Michelle: É o sistema deles, né? Mas se você continua com fome, pede.
Valdo: Ah, vou pedir um monte então.
Michelle: É isso aí.

Valdo: Qué biftec sabroso. Creo que voy a pedir más.
Michelle: Pero él ya trajo la cuenta. ¿Y ahora?
Valdo: Me dijiste que aquí era así. Creo que esto es una falta de educación.
Michelle: Es el sistema de ellos, ¿verdad? Pero si tú sigues con hambre, pída-lo.
Valdo: Ah, voy a pedir un montón, entonces.
Michelle: Eso es.

Valdo: What a tasty steak. I think I'll ask for more.
Michelle: But he already brought the check. Now what?
Valdo: Yea, you told me that this is what they do here. I think that it's really rude.
Michelle: That's the way they do things here, right? But if you're still hungry, go ahead and ask.
Valdo: OK, I'm going to ask for a whole bunch then.
Michelle: You go for it.

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