Tá Falado: Brazilian Portuguese Pronunciation for Speakers of Spanish

Lesson 6: Pronunciation of Oral Diphthongs, Going to the Pharmacy

Nov. 27, 2006

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In this lesson Valdo and Michelle can't figure out why it is so difficult to get medicine from a pharmacy in the United States. This whole idea of going to a doctor first to get a prescription seems to complicate things a lot. It took them a while to get used to it, but it doesn't mean that they have to like it. As to pronunciation, today we look at diphthongs. It's a fancy word, to be sure, but it basically means that we are talking about Portuguese vowel sounds that come one right after another.


Michelle: Oi Valdo, como vai?
Valdo: Vou bem. Já está gastando dinheiro?
Michelle: Só um pouquinho. O salário já é tão baixo, né? Eu precisava comprar uma caixa de anticoncepcional.
Valdo: Mas eu soube que a lei aqui diz que a maioria dos remédios só com reita.
Michelle: Meu pai do céu! Eu não tenho receita.
Valdo: Então nada feito. Bom, se cuida. A gente se vê depois. Beijo, tchau!

Michelle: Hola Valdo, ¿Cómo te va?
Valdo: Me va bien. ¿Ya estás gastando dinero?
Michelle: Solo un poquito. El sueldo ya es tan bajo, ¿verdad? Yo necesitaba comprar una caja de anticonceptivos.
Valdo: Pero supe que la ley aquí dice que la mayoría de las medicinas solo sólo con receta.
Michelle: ¡Mi padre del cielo! No tengo receta.
Valdo: Entonces no pasa nada. Bueno, cuídate. Nos vemos después. Beso, ciao.

Michelle: Hi Valdo, how are you doing?
Valdo: I'm OK. Are you already spending a lot of money?
Michelle: Just a little bit. My salary is really low, right? I needed to buy a box of contraceptives.
Valdo: But I hear that the law says that most medicines need to have a prescription.
Michelle: Oh my! I don't have a prescription.
Valdo: So nothing doing. OK, take care. We'll see you later. Kisses, good bye!

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