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Grammar Lesson 5: Disappearing Reflexive Verbs, Use of Coupons

May 31, 2007

  • asset title: Grammar Lesson 5: Disappearing Reflexive Verbs, Use of Coupons
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Here's a trick question for Spanish speakers: Would it be better in Portuguese to say the equivalent of 'Siéntate' or 'Siéntese'? Answer: Don't worry about the reflexive pronouns. Chances are that Brazilians won't use them either. In this lesson Valdo and Michelle help the rest of us to get a sense of the disappearing reflexive pronouns in Portuguese. Michelle also adds how cool she thinks the use of coupons is here in Texas as well.


Valdo: Você deitou tarde ontem?
Michelle: Deitei bem tarde e levantei bem cedinho.
Valdo: Por que? Senta aqui e me conta.
Michelle: Eu lembrei que tinha um monte de cupons que vencia hoje... daí eu corri pra loja para usá-los.
Valdo: Eu acho legal esse sistema de cupons daqui. Sempre aproveito os descontos e ganho várias coisas de graça.
Michelle: Oh, desculpe, tenho que ir... esqueci que tenho mais dois cupons pra usar agora à tarde.

Valdo: ¿Te acostaste tarde ayer?
Michelle: Me acosté muy tarde y me levanté muy temprano.
Valdo: ¿Por qué? Siéntate aquí y cuéntame.
Michelle: Me acordé que tenía un montón de cupones que se vencía hoy ... así corrí a las tiendas para usarlos.
Valdo: Me gusta este sistema de cupones de aquí. Siempre aprovecho los descuentos y gano varias cosas gratis.
Michelle: Oh, descúlpaame, tengo que irme ... se me olvidó que tengo dos cupones más que necesito usar esta tarde.

Valdo: Did you go to bed late yesterday?
Michelle: I went to bed really late and I got up really early.
Valdo: Why? Sit down hear and tell me about it.
Michelle: I remembered that I had a whole bunch of coupons that were expiring today ... so I ran to the store to use them up.
Valdo: I love this system of coupons that they have here. I always take advantage of the discounts and I get a lot of things for free.
Michelle: Oh, I'm sorry, I've got to go ... I forgot that I have a couple of coupons that need to be used this afternoon.

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