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Grammar Lesson 7: Para with Indirect Pronouns, Ice Water at Restaurants

June 14, 2007

  • asset title: Grammar Lesson 7: Para with Indirect Pronouns, Ice Water at Restaurants
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For all of you who learned how to speak Spanish, we all relive the nightmare experience of learning direct and indirect object pronouns. Lo is direct, le is indirect. When you use both put the indirect first; but you can't say le lo, so change le to se and then say se lo, as in se lo di 'I gave it to him' ... Bad memories for sure, but the good news is that none of that happens in Portuguese. In fact, Brazilians hardly ever use indirect objects. Instead they just say para ele 'to him', para ela 'to her', para eles 'to them'. That's what Orlando, Valdo, Michelle, and Jose Luís talk about in this lesson, which is just para vocês!


Valdo: Por que o garçom trouxe tanta água para aquele povo da outra mesa?
Michelle: Aqui é um costume servir água nos bares e restaurantes para os clientes mesmo quando se pede outra coisa pra beber.
Valdo: Garçom, traga duas cervejas pra gente, por favor. Nada de água!
Michelle: Valdo, e pede pra ele uma salada de palmito também.
Valdo: Puxa! O garçom só fica dando água pra eles, olha lá. Eles vão ficar bêbados com tanta água!
Michelle: Aqui é impressionante... assim que você chega, a primeira coisa que eles fazem é entregar um copo cheio de água com gelo pra você.

Valdo: ¿Por qué el camarero les trajo tanta agua a aquellas personas de la otra mesa?
Michelle: Aquí a los clientes es normal servirles agua en los bares y restaurantes aún cuando piden otra cosa para beber.
Valdo: Camarero, tráiganos dos cervezas por favor. Y nada de agua!
Michelle: Valdo, pídele que traiga una ensalada de palmito también.
Valdo: Uau, el camarero continúa dándoles agua, mira. Se emborracharán con tanta agua.
Michelle: Aquí es impresionante ... luego que vengas, la primera cosa que hacen es entregarte un vaso lleno de agua con hielo.

Valdo: Why did the waiter take so much water to those people at that other table?
Michelle: Here it's customary to serve customers water in bars and restaurants even when they have asked for something else to drink.
Valdo: Waiter, bring us two beers please. And no water!
Michelle: Valdo, ask him to bring a heart of palm salad too.
Valdo: Wow! The waiter keeps on giving them water, look at that. They are going to get drunk on so much water.
Michelle: It's impressive here ... as soon as you arrive the first thing they do is bring you a glass full of ice water.

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