charlie potters stupid podcast


Jan. 2, 2011

¡HAPPPPPPPPPY NEEEEWWWWA YEAH! I missed last week because I was celebrating christmas at my dial-up home, there waas the log it was opening the fire we toasted - Christmas. The pudding. We toasted the pudding and so was the brandy. The works, glowing red cheeks, thoughts of kindness, actual kindness, real poems about the little poor jesus - lay down his sweet sweet head, candlestick. 14MILLION HOURS of the wrong mans thoughts on the regretful television, weeks of unknown poverty, sour democracy. I won the wet tinsel in the blue plastic barrel, the games, the hats, scrabbling for the tiles, another brandy, a little sider on the cide. afterthoughts. you name it, it all came together in the painting that was my thought which was a sign for the moment in eternity that was christmas 2010 and now another hulking great slab of that history 2001111111 what will I do? neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.