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Episode # 3 Student and Indie Games

May 6, 2007

This week, all five of our hosts are around talking about their experiences about making games as students both for classes and in their free time. There are a great variety of projects from flash games to mods to full games, 2d to 3d and team sizes, from 2-20 people. After this discussion is an interview with Mark Morris of Introversion Software. Later is an interview with Tim Schafer of Double Fine. As usual, we also talk about what we have been playing, some gaming news, and what we are looking forward to. 
The theme music was written and performed by The Dave Morris Hostage, Andrew Bowerman, and Adhesion. Outro Music was music was written and performed by 2nd Mouse. This weeks break music was "Less Than Seven" written and performed by 37hz. The Defrag Podcast and all music played on this show are protected under Creative Commons License.  
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