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Decimal Live November 2007

Nov. 16, 2007

.:Decimal Live November 2007:.

It is technically still this week isn't it? Yeah, sure it is. For this week's liveset we have a performance from Chicago artist Decimal. In this liveset he is preparing for the release of some music and is taking his liveset in a different direction as he described below.


This was preformed using a single laptop running Live, a UC-33 controller, and a radium 49 controller. I first prepared by breaking down parts and various sounds from many of my tracks (including much of my music forthcoming on several techno labels like Enemy, Material, and Stockholm LTD) Then i rearrange, reloop, and restructure the sampled audio in Live; reworking components and tracks from the ground up in real-time, improvisationally, to create new structures and unique blends, in addition to executing musical themes from my music in new and different ways.

Anyone familiar with any of my previous livesets may remember my penchant for providing a conceptual inspiration for the method of preformance. In this case, I am pushing my capacity as a performer by eliminating nearly all of the prearranged sequences(even longer ones) allowing me greater ability to improvise flow and structure, albeit at the expense of whatever crazy drama i could cook up. Granted i could perform these sequences live, but i usually have so much going on (sequencing everything else from the ground up, all the software to preform a many complicated sequences would tax my cpu) so its not feasible. I feel i have an adequate amount of directional control through a range of material and edited sources, all the while maintaining a powerful sound quality ('better than vinyl')

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