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Bit Shifter Live at Openair 2003

Dec. 4, 2007

.:Bit Shifter Live at Openair 2003:.

Since it seems that the fantastically planned Blip Festival is just wrapping up, I think it might be appropriate that we feature as many of the Blip Festival artists on the next few LivePA Podcasts as possible.

So with that, lets go ahead and get this week's liveset started by featuring a liveset from one of the more well known 8bit artists out on the net, Bit Shifter.


Bit Shifter explores high-energy, low-bit music composed and performed on a Nintendo Game Boy. The result is an unapologetically fun foray into an evocative and distinctive soundset traditionally reserved for video game sound effects and background music, all done on a console generally misperceived as being technically limited. Made possible by Oliver Wittchow and Johan Kotlinski's respective home-brew Game Boy musicmaking programs Nanoloop and Little Sound DJ, Bit Shifter's music adopts and subverts the playfulness inherent in the familiar Game Boy soundset, repurposing it into the service of novel idioms. Based in New York City, Bit Shifter has performed over one hundred shows worldwide, having recently circumnavigated the planet in a 20-date world tour with fellow chiptune compatriot Nullsleep

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