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Tomphonic Live at SyncTank

Feb. 8, 2008

.:Tomphonic Live at SyncTank:.

Well it has been a little while since we have had a liveset to feature on the blog. This week's liveset comes from Tom Phone who has a very nice performance from SyncTank.


I have been waiting since october to get this one. I did bring my minidisc to it, but the guy running the show said he'd record it. Cool dude for sure, he ended up mastering it for me and giving me the original and mastered version back, I was getting very anxious. Anyway, its a really chill set, I've got some of my opinions about length of songs, but over all I'm really excited about the set. I don't know what type of pary this would work at tho, so cool that it was at a bar of interested people. Sync Tank is the name of the night, if any of you are in NYC, you should check it out, its really fun, crowded, and good people to talk to all around.

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