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507: gear talk with Donovan Stokes

July 26, 2018

Donovan Stokes is a one-of-a-kind artist.  I’ve been captivated by his playing ever since hearing him over a decade ago, and it has been a real pleasure getting to teach alongside him at the Golden Gate Bass Camp.

Donovan and I were able to carve out 30 minutes prior to a concert at the camp, and we dug into a bunch of gear-related questions that I’d been wanting to ask him, like:

  • why Donovan plays on bows that weigh 240 grams
  • how his bass is tuned and how he thinks about pitches on it
  • the unique spin on the Marvin tailpiece that Donovan uses
  • when he started to use the Labor-style endpin
  • how he still plays traditional 4-string tuning for rockabilly gigs
  • the influence of heavy metal in his compositions

…and much more! We’ll have to do a “round 3” soon with Donovan—I’ve got many more questions to ask!

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