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551: Gary Karr new course!

Dec. 28, 2018

I had the chance to chat recently with Denis Chang, who has produced a new four-part double bass course featuring Gary Karr!  This course rocks.  I’ve been using it for my own playing and with my students with great results.  Here are links and details:

In The Style Of Gary Karr, Vol.1


  • Warm-up Exercise 1
  • Warm-up Exercise 2
  • Warm-up Exercise 3
  • Warm-up Exercise 4
  • Holding The Bass
  • Purpose Of Vomit Exercise
  • Fingerings For Vomit Exercise
  • Vomit Exercise
  • Holding The Bow
  • Role Of Fingers In The Bowing Hand
  • Feeling The Bow


  • Bach 1a - Prelude
  • Bach 1b - Allemande
  • Bach 1c - Courante
  • Bach 1d - Sarabande
  • Bach 1e - Minuet
  • Bach 1f - Gigue

In The Style Of Gary Karr, Vol.2


  • Left Hand Knuckles
  • Using All The Fingers
  • Left Hand Finger Contact Point
  • Left Arm Elbow
  • Standing Naturally
  • Bow Hair
  • String Crossing Preparation
  • Spiccato
  • String Crossing Exercise
  • Preparation For Spiccato
  • Tada Exercise
  • Rosin
  • Findeisen String Crossing
  • Scale Exercise



  • Bach 2a - Prelude
  • Bach 2b - Allemande
  • Bach 2c - Courante
  • Bach 2d - Sarabande
  • Bach 2e - Menuet
  • Bach 2f - Gigue


In The Style Of Gary Karr, Vol.3


  • Stretching 1
  • Stretching 2
  • Stretching 3
  • Vibrato Exercise
  • Types Of Vibrato
  • Vibrato Contact Point
  • Learning A Piece
  • Phrasing
  • Thoughts On Technique
  • Bow Distribution
  • Shift On Upbow
  • Balance And Bow Speed


Extra - Stretching Routine (Uninterrupted)



  • Bach 3a - Prelude
  • Bach 3b - Allemande
  • Bach 3c - Courante
  • Bach 3d - Sarabande
  • Bach 3e - Bourree
  • Bach 3f - Gigue


In The Style Of Gary Karr, Vol.4


  • Tuning The Bass
  • Intonation And Overtones
  • Size Of The Bass
  • Practicing
  • Feeling And Vibrations
  • Pushing The Bass Into The Bow
  • Dividing The Pulse
  • Long Pulse
  • Bowing Choices
  • Double Stops Intonation
  • Playing On One String
  • Bow Angle
  • Etudes
  • Relationship To Bach
  • Callouses And Thumb
  • Projection And Amplification
  • Final Thoughts



  • Abendlied
  • Amazing Grace
  • Habanera
  • Kol Nidrei
  • Melodie
  • Scherzo
  • Sonnambula
  • Valse Miniature
  • When I Wake



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