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SPaMCAST 57 Joe Schofield, Function Points and LOC, Multitasking . . NOT!

April 20, 2009

Show 57 features an interview with Joe Schofield.  We discussed the Function  Points and Lines of Code and other topics.  Size is an important attribute for managing software projects.  How you measure counts!Joe has been active in the application of emerging technology for business and engineering solutions at Sandia National Labs since receiving his MS/MIS from the University of Arizona in 1980. As a member of the technical staff, he has been involved in the specification, selection, and application of software methodologies; served on a corporate-wide software quality improvement team, and facilitated teams in their quest for new business processes and customer-driven software. Since 1990, Joe has developed and taught IS courses in the MBA program at the College of Santa Fe. In 1990 he received his CQA accreditation, therafter his CFPS and CSMS. After speaking at USE, SHARE, GUIDE, and DOE-sponsored conferences, Joe delivered a keynote address at the Structured Development Forum in San Francisco in 1988. Subsequently he spoke on CASE at the National Conference on Information Systems Quality Assurance, and at CASEWorld in Los Angeles. Articles on CASE were then published by the Journal of Quality Data Processing and System Builder including "Considering CASE: Write the Fine Print." The publishers of System Development approached Joe to author an article for them; "CASE Users Bill of Rights" resulted. This effort was followed with three more thus far: "CASE: Not a Joke, Now a Threat", "The Next Silver Bullet" in 1995 and then "The Year 2000 - Finally a Reality Check" which was one of the first articles to downplay the hysteria on Y2K and warn of the impending consulting infestation. More recently his articles (4) have been published in CrossTalk, journal of software engineering, and cited by the NIST. Joe frequently presents at the annual IFPUG, now ISMA conferences, and SPIN. In 2007, he was elected to the IFPUG Board of Directors. Contact information:Email: [email protected]: a friend about the Software Process and Measurement Cast and show them how to subscribe.  Let me know and I will acknowledge you on the next show!  The essay is titled “Multitasking Yourself Away From Efficiency”.  Efficiency is an important topic in most IT organizations and continues to become more important to help yourself and your organization.  Multitasking is not the way to get there.Join the SPaMCAST’s community by joining the SPaMCAST Facebook page and get involved!!!! are a number of ways to share your thoughts with SPaMCAST: •    Email SPaMCAST at [email protected]•    Voice messages can be left at 1-206-888-6111•    Twitter –•    BLOG –•    FACEBOOK!!!! Software Process and Measurement      Software Process and Measurement Cast: The next Software Process and Measurement Cast will feature an interview Thomas "Command Line" Gideon.  We talked about his inner chapters, philosophy and other interesting things! neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.