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Dictionary Psychedelica - Art

Jan. 27, 2007

Welcome to the first Dictionary Psychedelica Podcast. Greetings and salutations and the whole shindig! So what have we here? The essence of the show is that, each week (or so) we choose a word and discuss it from unexpected angles. Thus, we're creating a psychedelic dictionary - sort of. We may move into more obviously psychedelic matters in later weeks, so if you're more interested in the altered states of awareness angle, stay tuned!

The first word is... "art".
We look at whether ads are art, whether graphic designers are bad people, whether art stems from repression and the formation of the subconscious etc etc.

I think we're getting more snappy as we go along (you should hear our outtakes), so next week there will be distinctly less "ums" and far less "likes". We are a product of the MTV generation, though, so we can't be helped. Hey, at least we don't sound like Paris Hilton... right?

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