WVU Music 271 Podcast

Lecture 2/12/07

Feb. 9, 2007

Music 271: 2/12/07
II: Mark Bonds on the Art Song and Hausmusik: Ch. 16 (p.432)
2 new genres for expression of Romantic values, of which art song was one
Rise of domestic music making - art song and piano character piece were primary compositions
Amateur music makers were mostly women of the middle class in the 19th century

III: Robert Schumann (1810-1856), Piano Music and Art Song:
Money was in the piano parlor music
23 opera (publications) of keyboard music
Switched to song after winning the court case against his father in-law
1840-1841 - “Liederjhar” Year of song
More definite expression of ides found in poems was perhaps a reason for this switch

IV: Dichterliebe: Schumann’s Opus 48: p.435
Poet of the settings was Heinrich Heine
May 12, 1840 - began setting the 20 poems
Finished setting on May 21, 1840
Eventually dropped 4 of the settings
Falling 3rds in the 2nd setting is the nightingale
iii-V-I (f#-A-D) - 1st three settings' tonality

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