WVU Music 271 Podcast


Feb. 14, 2007

Music 271: 2/14/07
II: Piano literature of the Romantic Period:
A. The 18th Century Perspective: Kenner und Liebhaber: the professional and the amateur performer:
• The amateur was often a woman
• Virtually no difference between the abilities of the professional and the amateur
B. The social customs of amateur music-making in the 19th Century:
• Works were never written for amateurs that they couldn’t play
C. “House Music” (Ger. Hausmusik) vs. “Concert Music”:
• Women were expected to cook, sew, and play the piano for their home
• More music was heard and performed at home than in public
• Hausmusik included to chamber music, the art song, and the keyboard character piece
*The Keyboard Character piece (GB p. 52-53) (Bonds p. 439)
Usually 1 movement
Form is derived from the minuet, and is in ABA (and variations)
Music for the amateur to perform, as well as the professional
Beethoven: Bagatelles Op. 125 is an example (Bagatelle is French for small jewel)
Thousands of these were composed

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