WVU Music 271 Podcast


March 15, 2007

Music 271: 3.14.07
II: The evolution of African-American Christianity in resistance to white oppression: The Spiritual:
• “Steal Away” - Night worship service was to be held OR Some slaves were going to an attempt an escape
• “Joshua fit the Battle of Jericho” - displayed the slaves longing for freedom
• “Go Down Moses” - Sung when it became apparent that the Confederacy would lose the war, and Union troops were setting slaves free (1862-63)
• 1864-1865 - Celebratory spirituals (Free At Last)
• “Yonder Come Day” - evening worship was drawing to a close

III: African Sacred Dance adapted to Christianity: The Ring Shout: (GB p. 67)
• Ring Shout - African sacred dance (CCW direction circle dance)
• Conducted at night in “praise houses”
• “Run, Old Jeremiah” - recorded 1934 in Jennings, Louisiana (sung by Joe Washington and Austin Coleman)

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