WVU Music 271 Podcast


March 21, 2007

Music 271: 3/21/07
II: The concept of program music of the Romantic and Post-Romantic periods:
A: Differences between the SP (Symphonic Poem) and Character piece:
• Similar to Photograph vs. Film
• CP invite image without a story, SP creates a story
• Both assume an extra-musical role
• Berlioz, Liszt, Smetana, Strauss, Sibelius were all examples of programmatic composers
B: Criticism of the Concept of Program Music:
1. Robert Schumann (1835): wrote a critical essay about Symphonie Fantastique (1829, Germany: mid-1830s)
2. Eduard Hanslick (1854: published an essay “Vom musikalischen Schönen” in 1854
• Ideas which a composer expresses are mainly and primarily of a purely musical nature.
• Definite feelings and emotions are not capable of being embodied in music.
C: Putting this to the test: two orchestral compositions and the evidence of their composers’ expressive intentions:

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