WVU Music 271 Podcast


April 13, 2007

Music 271: 4/9/07
II: Claude Debussy (1862-1918): → Stravinsky → French Composers (Poulenc)
A: Education:
• Paris Conservatory
• Captivated by music of Wagner
B: Changing attitude concerning Richard Wagner
• Began to separate from Wagner’s music in the late 1870s and 1880s
• Franco-Prussian War raised desire for a French music
C: Evolving approach to musical composition: Tonality and form → moving to greater equality of importance of the five elements of the musical language:
• I - related key - I
• Used patterns of sound, texture, timbre rather than chords for a harmony
• Harmony, Melody, Rhythm, Texture, Timbre: Musical element hierarchy 19th Century
• 20th Century: All musical elements become equal

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