The Social Work Podcast

Becoming a Clinical Social worker: Interview with Dr. Danna Bodenheimer

Nov. 2, 2015

Episode 99: Today's episode of the Social Work Podcast is about becoming a clinical social worker. My guest is Dr. Danna Bodenheimer. In today's interview Danna and I talk about what makes a social worker a clinical social worker, what distinguishes a good from a bad clinical social worker, the one essential thing that all social workers bring to supervision, and the role of narcissism, observing ego, transference, counter-transference and the real relationship in clinical social work. We end with a discussion of money and how social workers need to earn enough so they can be present with their clients. You can connect with other social workers at the Social Work Podcast Facebook page,, or follow the Twitter feed You can listen to the Social Work Podcast from, by downloading the episodes through iTunes or any number of other apps, or you can stream the 10 most recent episodes right from your mobile device using the Stitcher Radio mobile app neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.