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DRM, Copyright, Fair-Use, Part 2:, E4 ~ music education mp3 ipod technology

March 27, 2007

Copyright and Ethics and DRM part 2;, Episode 4 Joseph Pisano and Darren Morton are at it again! Solving the worlds copyright problems one step at a time; This time it's for real...well... maybe! This podcast is all about fair-use and our ideas for making the publishers "play fair" with "us" the consumer. There is so much to discuss: Can a school legally video their ensembles or school plays? Can you make a copy of music for a page-turn? Can you make extra copies of something already purchased for your ensemble needs? And a whole lot more! Visit our site and let us know you love what we are doing!! [tags] copyright fairuse fair-use music technology education neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.