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Enhanced Podcast -Getting Permission To Arrange Songs For Music Groups -MusTech.Net Enhanced Podcast E-15

April 1, 2009

Getting Permission To Arrange Songs For Music Groups -MusTech.Net Enhanced Podcast E-15

This is the ENHANCED podcast version of Episode 15

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This episode starts with Joe and Darren discussing Darren's latest project...a new broadcast radio studio for Grove City College. Darren talks about the finer qualities of "mute relays" and how up-to-date radio stations aren't using the 8-track like "carts" anymore -he has gone completely digital!

The main focus of this episode is about securing "Arranger's Permission" to musically arrange an existing copyrighted composition or song for use with another music group. Special guest Dr. Andrew Yozviak joins the discussion and Joe and Andy get "deep" into mechanical licensing and related copyright issues.

Original Air Date: 3/31/2009 ~Enhanced Podcast Version


Podcasters: Dr. Joseph M. Pisano, Mr. Darren J. Morton
Special Guest: Dr. Andrew Yozviak -Composer/Arranger

Episode 15’s Show:

* Copyright
*Arranger's Permission
*Mechanical License
*Broadcast Radio Stations
*Arranging for Marching Band

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