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Nov. 9, 2009

HI ALL, and welcome back!!  Its been a very busy and eventful layoff   But now that some clarity has descended on life again its time to moooooove on and get back to the music!!

I expect to post a regular Episode 19 in short order (hopefully the next two weeks) as I’ve got a collection of tracks that are bangers and just itching to get out of your speakers…but for now you’ve got this SPECIAL EDITION DLITE SESSION to keep you going. 

This Friday we had the pleasure of seeing Kaskade live here in Calgary…and this time he was awesome enough to sprinkle quite a few of his own tracks into his set that had a decidedly progressive slant to it.  It was a very melodic and feel good night with Kaskade at the helm…so much so that I was inspired to put together my favourite tracks of his, along with some other tracks that share this or that with Kaskade’s signature style and sound, into a feel good mix.  EDX and Deadmau5 are influences here for sure as well.  Above all else:  Listen, feel, and escape to a better place….


I would be remiss if I didn’t give S Kel big credit here for giving me an awesome reason to get this done…because noone likes driving that far without good music right?

Here is the tracklisting for this “Kaskade Inspired” DLite Session:

  1. Haley  “This Is How It Goes”  (Kaskade’s Grand Club edit)
  2. Kaskade  “Angel On My Shoulder”  (EDX Belo Horizonte At Night remix)
  3. Kaskade  “Move For Me”  (Deadmau5 remix)
  4. Morgan Page ft. Lissie “Longest Road”  (Deadmau5 remix)
  5. Calvin Harris  “I’m Not Alone”  (Deadmau5 remix)
  6. Yves Larock ft. Jaba  “Say Yeah”  (EDX Ibiza Sunrise remix)
  7. Kaskade  “It’s You, It’s Me”  (More Vox remix)
  8. Late Night Alumni  “Another Chance”  (Kaskade’s Homage to Roger remix)
  9. Pryda  “Melo”  (Original mix)
  10. Kaskade  “4AM”  (Adam K & Soha mix)


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Enjoy the Music!

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