The Classic Tales Podcast

Ep. 619, The Dead and the Countess, by Gertrude Atherton

March 22, 2019

Why are the dead suddenly restless in a quiet graveyard in Brittany? Gertrude Atherton, today on The Classic Tales Podcast.

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Today we continue our theme highlighting some of the masters of the ghost story.

Gertrude Atherton was a prolific American author, who lived from 1857 to 1948, and frequently set her novels in her home state of California.

She wrote novels as well as short stories, supernatural horror stories, essays, and articles for magazines and newspapers on such issues as feminism, war, and politics. Today’s story is elegant in so many ways. I hesitate to say more than that. I was thrilled when I discovered Gertrude Atherton. If this is your first introduction into her work, I hope you enjoy it.

And now, The Dead and the Countess, by Gertrude Atherton.


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