The Classic Tales Podcast

Ep. 625, The Hand of Fu-Manchu, part 5of7, by Sax Rohmer

May 3, 2019

What does the cryptic cypher ZAGAZIG mean, and how can it be used to set a trap for Fu-Manchu’s minions? Sax Rohmer, today on The Classic Tales Podcast.

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Today we continue our series of The Hand of Fu-Manchu, by Sax Rohmer. 

As with last week, and during the run of this series, as you run into objectionable stuff today, feel free to talk about it with your friends. Point out the problems with your kids. Racism thrives in the darkness. Let’s clean this out of our culture through honest and informed discussion.


And now, The Hand of Fu-Manchu, part 5 of 7, by Sax Rohmer.


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