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Debussy: (Two Arabesques for Piano) Deux Arabesques: I

April 14, 2008

This arabaseque is the first of two arabesques that are associated together (although they were composed several years apart). It was written while Debussy was still rather young (26 years old) and is not considered to be representative of his impressionist style that is generally associated with his name. However, there are certain aspects of his style that are apparent even in this early work.

For study, I used Alfred's Masterwork Edition edited by Lynn Freeman Olson.

This recording is dedicated to the Robertsons who acted as my parents-away-from-home while I lived in Japan for two years doing volunteer missionary service for my church. Thank you for your compassion, patience, love, and sincere friendship.

This recording was completed at home on my studio upright. This piece was particularly difficult to record on my upright due to the sensitive dynamics present throughout the work. Much of the interpretation and have attempted to convey is lost in the limitations of the piano. If you have enjoyed my recordings, please consider being apart of improving future recordings by signing my piano! If not, I hope you will still continue to enjoy the free music :) neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.