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The TR Podcast 20: The biggest story of the year, screaming CPUs, and a $1600 chair from the 70s

Oct. 12, 2008

Coming to you in this special time of year, when the leaves are turning color, cute little woodland creatures are preparing to hibernate, and large microprocessor companies sell their fabs, this episode of the TR Podcast continues to bring home the proverbial tech bacon. Following a short listener Q and A, our editors discuss the biggest story of the year – AMD spins off their fabrication business. Following this look at the past, present, and future of the industry, we prognosticate and pontificate over the latest Core i7 rumors (all of which come from Asian rumor sites….). In the middle of the episode, Jordan interviews The Perfect Creation (as he is know in the pro wrestling world) – aka PerfectCr (on the forums) – aka Rich Criado (as he is known on his driver’s license). Rich talks about tech, wrestling, and gaming tattoos. To finish things up, our editors discuss the controversy surrounding our latest GPU review, Intels G45 Express Chipset, and of course, what you can expect in the following week on front page and on our podcast. neither hosts nor alters podcast files. All content © its respective owners.