The Ghosts of War, The World's Most Haunted Places and Evidence of Life After Death - Jeff Belanger

Nov. 2, 2009

Jeff Belanger leads a very haunted life. He’s been fascinated with the supernatural all of his life and has emerged as one of the leading authors and researchers of the paranormal. Over the years, Jeff has interviewed hundreds of people about their experiences with the profound. His objective approach to the subject makes the supernatural accessible to a wide audience. He brings personality and humor to this subject which makes him one of the most sought-after experts in the field. He's written for many print publications and is the author of seven books including "Ghosts of War," "The Nightmare Encyclopedia," "World's Most Haunted Places," "Communicating With the Dead," "Encyclopedia of Haunted Places," "Our Haunted Lives," and "The Ghost Files." Prepare yourself for a haunting UFONAUT journey as we take a deep dive into the hidden realm of the supernatural, filled with mystery, surprises and proof of life after death. Discussion will include highlights from his books “The Ghosts of War” and “The World’s Most Haunted Places.” UFONAUT Radio is pleased to welcome one of the worlds leading experts on Ghosts and the Supernatural – Jeff Belanger

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