Tunguska: The Russian Roswell & The Secret History of Man In Space - Dr Elliott Haimoff

April 8, 2010

The true history of humans in space has long been clouded by lies and deception as governments such as the United States and Russia have manipulated public opinion through propaganda and false information in an effort to achieve global supremacy during the space race and the cold war. In this program we will unravel the secret history of human space flight with Dr. Elliott Haimoff and discover that Yuri Gagarin was NOT the first man in space. Join us as we learn the true identity of the real first man in space and discover the reason for the deception by the bureaucrats of the Russian Space program. As an added special feature, Dr Haimoff will discus his research into the mystery of Tunguska. In 1908, in a remote region of Siberia near the Tunguska river, a 40-megaton nuclear explosion of unknown origin literally vaporized and destroyed hundreds of square miles of forests and villages. This event, which took place over 30 years before scientists split the atom, has inspired heated debate as to what could have caused such massive destruction still evident today. During the show we will be showing video of the Tunguska blast zone which can be seen by listeners on Youtube and we will discover the details of how Tunguska may be the Russian Roswell. Dr. Elliott Haimoff received his PhD from Cambridge University and has produced over 200 documentaries and news segments on a wide range of scientific topics from the big bang theory, to profiles on the US and Russian space programs, to cloning and genetically modified food controversy, to Atlantis and mysteries of the ancient world. UFONAUT Radio Is pleased to welcome Dr. Elliott Haimoff. Includes News and Items of Interest including a brief interview with Gentill Abdulla who has built a time machine and will present the details of his device to the UFONAUT Radio audience. 2-Hours commercial free.

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